Brooklyn Betty Shop

So around this time of year, as old thought and habits tend to melt away, my yearning to explore the depths of my creativity arise. Leaps and spins turn into fascinating adventures and the sails of fate blows me in a new direction, Oya, much!

As I have been on a gorgeous journey to uncover every elemental fragment of me, one of the biggest stones unveiled is that of a business woman, business baddy, Brooklyn Betty.

Entrepreneurship runs on both sides of my family and them genes run thick. On February 26th, my wife and I launched, Brooklyn Betty Shop, an online women’s boutique featuring everything from Tees to exquisite jewelry.

Along with the healing work I have been doing, graphic arts I create, I’m adding webmaster, brander, and business strategist to the mix. It can often be long and grueling work , but as Mother Teresa once said, “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”

Here’s to steadfast progress to all of your wishes and dreams, we are the stewards who must constantly tend to our garden, holding on to all that is nourishing and letting go of that which kills our dreams.