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Wild Herban Design


May’n this year has been hella on G’ status, every decision I have made has led me into some pretty interesting situations, or blessings in disguise. From jump, me starting my New Year off in Haiti soaking up all that EXTRA melinated magic. Saying ‘yes’ to myself, my passion, love, and art, led me to achieving goals that I didn’t even realize I had, and discovering hidden talents along the way.

I have learned about my graphic arts skills and I’m having so much fun working within that medium. It’s so forgiving and keeps a long or short memory, in my saying ‘yes’ I am confidently expressing my self in ways that have given voice to the long forgotten spaces in my throat.

I am grateful for the ups and downs, and the spaces creAted in my energy, which, gave way to more room and freedom to be my freakiest and wackiest of selves. To the family and bonds that have an eternal home in the four chambers of my heart.

And to having the courage to release good for great, that great being me, of course. This year, I have learned to stay put, let go, and take everything in stride. And you know what? I’m all the more powerful. Beautiful.



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