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All You Touch You Change.

Image by Natalie Sablon

All that you touch
You Change.

All that you Change
Changes you.

The only lasting truth
is Change.

is Change.

  • Octavia Butler

The beauty of choice is how it shapes a person’s life. When one chooses to stay stuck and in a tight situation, then that is ultimately reflected back to them, through the feelings of tightness or pressure in their bodies. This discomfort is an external manifestation of the internal landscape.

As stagnation is a choice, so is the decision to embrace life’s perpetual state of change. And choosing to evolve with it.

This past fall, I was having poignant reality checks arise in various areas of my life I began to reflect on what in ME needed attention, love, and kindness, through meditation.

Once I began to meditate, the knowing that coursed through my body was that I needed to embrace my role as a leader. I was abdicating my responsibilities, giving them away, and the problems arose from there.

After realizing this, I recommitted myself to the things that felt heartfelt and purposeful. And released what did not!

I made the conscientious choice to evolve and commit myself to my purpose, choosing to stand firm in the conviction that I matter, and so does my work. It is a reflection of me.

One of the beautiful manifestations that ‘was given the room to breath’ was taking on my leadership role as a RN. I was a member of Ayiti Ressurects’ final delegations to Haiti this past winter.

Not only was it a financial expense I could not shoulder, but I also had cold feet, I tussled for a moment about whether I should go; and when I remembered my redefined relationship to my role as a leader, I fully stepped in. I asked family for support in securing an airline ticket, and made a request out to community, and lo and behold, I was able to secure a ticket.

Once there my purpose was fully expressed as I was able to harness my leadership, organizational, and people skills in order to co-create an amazing two day healing clinic for the village of Komyé, in Leogane Haiti.

It was such an amazing experience to be speaking my bits of Kreyol, while leaning on my Spanish & English, in order to communicate with and organize the team.

I was completely purpose driven and received the best rewards by seeing folks beginning to feel better after their treatments.

An ever-lasting reward is the confidence I feel in my ability to commit to what feels purposeful to me and release that which no longer serves me.



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