Breathing saves lives y’all!

In all the moments that feel tight and when one is shedding old skin, there are bound to be moments of discomfort, but through it all, breathing is a simple way to create clarity when one’s thinking is cloudy.

Through slowing down the number of inhales and exhales one makes per minute while taking deep inhalations (Which feel like the lungs have fully expanded out on all sides of the chest.)


Being Mindful & Respectful one’s own body limits.

  • This is a beautiful time to use visualization, LIKE imagining what the is color of one’s breath as it passes through the lungs. OR noticing if tension is felt anywhere in the body. If so-then visualizing the breath traveling to that spot, to provide it comfort.
  • Breathing deeply not only helps to rid your body of toxins. It also relaxes the intercostal muscles between your ribs which lead to a decrease in the feeling of pressure in the chest, which is often noted in anxiety and trauma responses.

As a #Black woman in the city, it has become one of the best and simplist tools in my #selfcare kit.

If you would like a 1 hour herbal medicine consultation and a custom-to order herbal medicine self care kit, please reach out to me at wildherban@gmail.com.







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