About: The Wild One🤘🏾


Welcome to Wild Herban (pronounced urban) the goal of this site is to create a dialogue around health and well-being within the Black community. There is an emphasis on creating content which centers Black Women’s liberation, as a necessary and joy-filled process.

As a liberation-focused healer Natalie infuses healing arts & teaching to facilitate creative workshops. She is a Brooklyn-based herbalist, and intuitive, using tarot, and meditation.

Blooming where she was planted in Brooklyn, NY in 2014, Wild Herban. Resulting from a love connection between herbal medicine, spirit, and ancestral guidance.

Wild is an herbal apothecary that was sown by grief, hope, beauty, and anger from the recent slayings of unarmed Black, POC, Trans, and Queer folks. He was a response to the urban environment and the stress of not only existing, but thriving in it. Through promoting an expanded concept of health by engaging in community skills shares and dialogues about our body’s ability to attract the components it needs for health.

Wild was founded by Natalie Sablon who is a nomadic urbanite with roots in Denver, Arizona, St. Louis, Atlanta and New York. She is a nurse who adores all things herbs, and has experienced their healing on a first hand basis.  Equally important, she has witnessed herbs usher in healing in her community.

Natalie is passionate about teaching, dancing, creation, expression, and growing within value-creating communities. She is a collective member of Harriet’s Apothecary, a wildly passionate healing collective based in planet Brooklyn.

There and throughout the community she leads workshops which invites participants to tune in to their inner wisdom, trust their knowing and how to utilize that knowing to create their own tools of wellness.


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